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Frequantly Asked Questions...


What is the best way to maintain a weed free and chemical free lawn?
This would be to lime regularly, over seed your lawn, and raise the height of your mower deck, yes mow more often but this is better for your lawn. This will help to keep the ph of your lawn balanced and turf thick which will help to ward off pests, diseases

and certain lawn weeds.



Hardscaping is a landscape practice that describes the 'build' components of the landscape.  IE: walkways, patios, retaining walls, ponds and drainage etc.




Softscaping is a term in landscaping referring to the horticultural elements such as flowers, plants, trees, grass and garden beds.




Why should I pay to have a Landscape Design done?
Having a knowledgeable professional meet with you, to learn your style wishes and to carefully plan out the layout of hardscaping, structures and garden designs prior to installation will ensure maximum value for the dollars you will invest in your property. A good landscape designer should have excellent working knowledge of horticulture, the environment and artistic flair. Look at it this way, you pay an architect to take his time and knowledge to properly plan out the interior and exterior structure of your home so that your time and money is well planned and thought out... the same should be done to the exterior of your new or existing property.


How much should I budget for my New Landscape?
The quick answer suggests 10% of your homes current value, however this is certainly not attainable for everyone. Knowing that a properly done landscape will add value to your home and dramatically enhance your enjoyment and use of your property, it is a great investment. The fact is, your landscape designer can help you achieve a significant improvement on virtually any budget. The important thing is to discuss the numbers up front so they can work within your means.


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